Learning Skills for Refugees and Immigrants with low or no educational background


About The Project

In the last few years, Europe has received large numbers of refugees and asylum seekers, who are fleeing their countries to avoid humanitarian crises. Education is key to securing the independence and dignity of all migrants since it facilitates their successful integration into their new nations. The Erasmus+ “LEARN” Project is an initiative that seeks to assist refugees and migrants at the beginning of their educational journey in their new home country. This will enable them to pursue a career so that they can be self-sufficient and equally integrated into society.

The project is expected to last for 24 months, starting from December 2022. During the project’s lifecycle, the partners are committed to working on the development of the project results, which will be freely accessible through our website.


  • to create a complete educational toolkit

  • to create an e-Learning tool which will assist adult education centers and other entities working towards the integration of refugees and migrants

  • to design a guidance tool for recently accepted immigrants

  • to provide high-quality learning opportunities, adapted to the learning needs of the target group

  • to assist migrants and refugees in managing anxiety and stress caused by educational difficulties they encountered

Target Groups

  • Adult education trainers, Trainers in Intercultural Education and Inclusion, social workers and NGOs

  • Adult and youth refugees with little or limited formal education background.

  • Other relevant stakeholders dealing with vulnerable groups or groups of refugees and migrants.

Project Results

Digital Toolkit

An Open Education Resource (OER) including an e-Learning Platform that host all the training materials and the tools that consist the training program providing easy access to all interested individuals.

Structured Training Course

An innovative ready-to-use material that contains the Curriculum, the Trainer’s Handbook, and the Exercises Handbook. This tool will provide Trainers with the methodologies, learning approaches, and learning resources that will enable them to deliver effective and engaging training sessions.

About us

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